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Christine Novosel 1/3
Canadian artist

Christine Novosel 2/3

Christine Novosel 3/3

Jacqueline Donachie 1/3
Award winning Scottish artist

Jacqueline Donachie 2/3

Jacqueline Donachie 3/3

Sculpture and Design 1/3
Scotland's leading art fabricators

Sculpture and Design 2/3

Sculpture and Design 2/3

Purrple Cat Cafe 1/3
Glasgow's first Cat Cafe

Purrple Cat Cafe 2/3

Purrple Cat Cafe 3/3

Roddy Buchanan 1/3
Award winning Scottish artist

Roddy Buchanan 2/3

Roddy Buchanan 3/3

Alastair Duncan 1/3
Up and coming Scottish actor

Alastair Duncan 2/3

Alastair Duncan 3/3