A View from Denmark & Scotland


Artist and photographer, Simon McAuley & Ida Arentoft selected us to design the publication for their exhibition at the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017, it was previously shown at Project Ability, Glasgow.

The show involved photographs they shot in Scotland and Denmark, respectively. However, were both shooting North on the same longitude and latitude with emphasis on light, time and landscape. We were commissioned to make an A3/4 four fold publication with importance placed on laying out the photographs in varying sizes, accompanied overlaying guidelines that is discussion they shared during the project and a map alluding their similar paths highlighting how close together they were with regards to their co-ordinates.

"The creative rain guys are great. We worked with Alasdair on a small print publication and were very pleased with the results. The design was spot on and we felt Alasdair had a good understanding of our project. We had many queries pre print and kept asking questions, which were answered quickly and satisfactorily. If you want to have confidence in a designer go to Creative Rain."

Simon McAuley & Ida Arentoft, On the Same Latitude