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Jacqueline Donachie

Responsive website design and development


Jacqueline Donachie is an award winning Scottish artist based in Glasgow. She has an international reptuation for socially-engaged art through the medium of sculpture, installations, photographs, films, drawings and performance. Jacqueline is a recent winner of the Freelands Award for her 'Right Here Among Them' exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Jacqueline approached us to create a new and sustainable website to display her vast body of work online during this period of mid career success of her latest exhibition and monograph.

We worked meticulously to ensure her website met the high standards that of her artwork.

We wanted her work to be the forefront of the website and easy to navigate through. Due to the amount of projects, we developed a preview function that when you scroll down Jacqueline's list of works, a thumbnail on the right appears making it easy to find a particular piece of work or just to flick through to gather an idea of her range of work.

We displayed her images in a masonry style for easy viewing and it was important for Jacqueline that they load quickly. We felt this execution benefited function and aesthetic.

An aspect of Jacqueline's work is her publications, she needed a page to showcase her artist books and external links to their dedicated project page to find out more information and instructions on how to purchase them.

Since the launch of Jacqueline Donachie's website, she has been able to use it as a tool for applying for new projects, linking the website to prospective clients.

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