Web and Graphics Studio

We specialise in Web Design, Digital & Print Graphic Design.

Creative Rain is a design studio established in Glasgow, Scotland. We work with individuals and companies, locally to internationally with an aim of bringing a new or existing project to fruition.

We believe in ‘strength in simplicity’ – in our experience, simple, minimalist design fulfils both aesthetic and function, and best amplifies our clients’ concept, objective and personality. Working closely with our clients we create a product that reflects their message and delivers to their high expectations.


We create Responsive Websites designed to accommodate an ever-increasing need to host traffic from mobile and tablet devices as well as optimising websites for search engines via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which will serve to enhance web presence and ultimately attract custom.

We design graphics to symbolise your objective, from eye-catching publications for events or exhibitions to clever company logos, product packaging, and more!

Please drop us a line if you would like to discuss a new project


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an incredibly important aspect of a website’s growth and visibility in search engines. We aim to optimise and advise SEO for every web design project we are involved in.

There are many factors within SEO including; image optimisation, keywords, site speed, indexed pages & social media interaction.

Image Optimisation – This is to ensure you get the most out of the images you have on your website. This is achieved by reducing the image size to a suitable web standard. Adding alt tags meaning giving a keyword relating to your image and naming your image files with a proper description. All of these practices are crucial in allowing your website’s images appearing in popular search engines such as Google or Bing.

Site Speed – How fast your website loads within the browser is not only important to Google but also potential visitors are less likely to remain on your website if it is loading slowly. There are a number of factors that can drain your loading speed such as heavy image file sizes, plugins, fonts and embedded media.

Keywords – These are phrases and words used in the content that appears on your website which search engines recognise to make it easier for people to find your website. e.g if your website sells skateboards in Glasgow, Scotland you would use keywords like ‘skating’, ‘skateboards’, ‘Glasgow’ and ‘Scotland’ in your website description, meta, articles and alt tags. Therefore, Google understands what your website is about and begin to raise its profile.

Social Media Interaction – Your social media presence is important as these days Instagram, Facebook & Twitter can act as their own search engines and Google does understand this and may rank your social profiles but also shared links back to your website will be picked up by Google. Moreover, being active on these platforms is also a huge benefit to the exposure of your website.

Indexed Pages – Important pages of your website need to be indexed to allow search engines to ‘crawl’ and add them to the search engines allowing them to be discovered. XML Sitemaps are crucial also which gives search engines notifications if your website has been updated or changed to let it index quicker. SEO friendly urls for your pages helps greatly so search engines can understand what it is actually trying to index.


Responsive design plays a crucial role in web design. The way we browse the web is ever changing with users choosing to browse on their smartphones and tablets, where as previously desktops and laptops were the major player. Forty-nine percent of internet users prefer using their mobile browsers compared to forty-five percent remaining on desktop. This means we must create and optimise website designs that adapt to various screen sizes and resolutions so ultimately the website is just as well legible and functional on all devices. 

We ensure all website design projects we work on are responsive so the client never loses any potential traffic due to inaccessible content.